My purpose in life is to inspire others to greatness by encouraging them to:  Surrender to God; Believe in themselves; Give to others.

My purpose in life is directly connected to the benevolent abundance of God.  Without my connection to my Higher Power, a power greater than myself, I would be lost.  Such a thought – being disconnected from God – causes me to rethink my whole day, and my whole life!  Without God I am disconnected from abundance.

Do I really want to take one step without knowing that I am connected to my Higher Power?  Without my Higher Power, I have only myself.  And by myself I am left with attachment and addiction.  Like the song says: “Without Him I would be nothing, Without Him I’d surely fail; Without Him I would be drifting, Like a ship without a sail.”

It is because of God’s abundant love and mercy that I am in recovery – like thousands of people before me.  We all have drawn from God’s grace, and continue to do so each and every day we are in recovery.  There is no shortage of grace – God’s power and favor – for anyone who will surrender and trust in God’s abundant mercy.

Following a Sunday morning 12 step meeting, I met up with a bunch of people I know from a church I used to attend.  Seeing all these familiar faces reminded me of the days when I was deep in my addiction.  And deep into religion.

My connection with God was really just a connection with the idea of God:  Religion. I had no experience of God’s abundance, the overflowing abundance of the Universe. I only knew about my own shortcomings. I wanted to tap into Abundance, but I was too attached to my own limitations, and believed in my feeble attempts to control others.

I had to control the people around me.  I had to control how people perceived me; otherwise, they wouldn’t approve of me.  I knew I fell way below everyone’s expectations, and I felt so ashamed.  My world was very, very small.  Just me and my own fantasies.  I imagined a world that conformed to what I wanted – or, at least, what I thought I wanted.  And it meant keeping people at arms length in order to ‘control’ what was going on around me.  I was running short on self acceptance.

But when there’s lots of grace to go around, my self-acceptance increases.  God’s abundant grace and mercy is what makes the difference in my life.  I can trust in God to help me fulfill my mission in life.  I can let go and allow God to bring into my life the people and the resources that will enable me to fulfill my purpose here on earth.

Without the faith-knowledge that God gives abundantly, I would not have the confidence to step out and try to live out my purpose in life.  And my purpose in life is a lot more than just making a lot of money.  It’s about experiencing God abundant grace.