April 25

Chaos:  (The absence of order)

       While many of us don’t think that our lives reflect any chaos, our lives are evolving constantly.  Chaos is part and parcel of evolution and change.  Without chaos every thing would stay the same.  But if these changes are met with resistance ( rage, depression, addiction, etc.) the pain soon turns into suffering.

       As fear is the absence of love, so chaos is the absence of order.  Allow order to be created and chaos disappears.  Let us compare the characteristics of chaos and order:

 Chaos:                                                             Order:

  • Discord                                                        Harmony
  • Turbulence                                                   Calm
  • Commotion                                                  Quiet
  • Stress                                                            Ease
  • Madness                                                       Sanity 
  • Confusion                                                    Clarity

       Chaos creates discord.  He resists change and anyone who tries to bring change into his experience.  He can never agree on any matter.  Chaos always feels out-of-control.  Anything good or bad is a result of good or bad luck.  Therefore he never takes responsibility for the shape of his circumstances.  Chaos also has a hard time making decisions.  That’s because he is covered in a thick cloud of confusion.  Chaos creates turbulence.  Like bumper cars in an amusement park, he experiences a great deal of mayhem within.  Consequently he is at odds with those around him.  Needless to say, he is completely unsettled and can’t find help but create a lot of noise.  He is not a happy camper and lets everyone around him know it. 

       Order creates harmony.  She is simply an agreeable person.  She knows that stuff happens, and never resists change.  Order feels in control of her life circumstances and is prepared to take responsibility for her life.  She seems to have clarity about which direction to take.  Therefore, she feels secure about her decision-making.  If something goes wrong she quickly learns from it and moves on.  It is her ability to focus that gives her clarity in tough times.  Order gets her rest; she can sleep peacefully at night.  She is seldom sick and her motto is “Easy does it.”  Her optimism allows her to accept life in life’s terms.  For her the future always looks bright.

       Like a powerful cyclone chaos rips through our lives destroying almost everything in its path.  I have lived a life that resembles this cyclone of upset and turbulence.  The illusions that existed in my mind somehow manifested an unsettled chaos in my everyday circumstances.  When I needed clarity, I had none; when I needed calm, I felt only stress.  And this disruptive chaos caused a great deal of suffering.

 Tomorrow’s topic – Chaos:  Suffering through confusion