April 26

Chaos:  (Suffering through confusion)

       If you’ve ever seen the aftermath of a tornado – the complete destruction of people’s homes, and the hopelessness in their faces – you can understand the confusion that these victims experience.  There’s nothing stable about a tornado, and there’s nothing stable about chaos. 

       Chaos is not a force to be reckoned with, nor is it something that can be resisted.  It has a formidable power that can only be accepted and allowed to bring about the changes necessary.  Unlike a cyclone, chaos can bring about positive change.  It’s only when we try to resist, that chaos becomes even stronger – more like an actual cyclone – and more confusing than ever.  The more energy we use up trying to resist change, the more depleted and confused we become.

       When you are faced with an illness, or an ‘accident’ that leaves you bed ridden, the only thing you can do is accept it for what it is and rest.  Trying to continue on as if nothing happened can only prolong the healing.  If your family is in sudden turmoil because of something you are doing or not doing, attempting to carry on by ignoring what’s happening will only prolong and increase the turmoil and confusion.

       An addict thinks that continually using will solve the problem with obsession.  “Just one drink” has kept many an alcoholic in the grip of a powerful addiction.  Continually trying to wrestle it to the ground only results in a more powerful addiction.  All the addict can do is admit to his/her powerlessness, and believe in a Power greater than themselves that can restore them to sanity.

       It is possible to allow chaos and change to bring about a better understanding of our selves.  Admitting to our powerlessness and weakness is not a tragedy; rather, it is a victory.  It means we can begin to take positive steps to bring about positive change in our lives; and as we work through the steps we get clarity about our struggle with our addiction. 

       There’s nothing more painful than a person who continually fights with a situation or circumstance that is there by design.  There is a reason for everything that happens to us, and it only frustrates our passage if we resist.  Painful lessons will be repeated until learned.  Only by allowing the chaos to change us will we ever end the cyclone.  Only as we accept what is will we ever be able to avoid the confusion of the cyclone and get clarity on what is really happening.

 Tomorrow’s topic – Chaos:  The illusion of chance