April 27

 Chaos:  The illusion of chance

       Resisting change allows chaos to continue and keeps your life in a state of turmoil.  Events are happening to bring about change, and you resist with rage and resentment or just shut down altogether.  This only creates more mental and emotional suffering.  As a result, things seem to happen randomly.  You try to deal with all these chance events, some days feeling like a circus clown who’s trying to juggle too many balls in the air at once. 

       Certain events appear to be a result of good or bad luck.  And you develop a belief in “luck.”  Your belief creates for you a set of circumstances that reflect your conviction about “luck.”  When someone you know gets a great job you say,  “He’s lucky.”  If a friend breaks up with her boyfriend, you say that she’s “unlucky.”  And life seems to lack meaning when you can’t understand why certain events unfold as they do.

       Of course, this is all an illusion.  The universe is actually governed by law:          

  • The law of gravity
  • The law of aerodynamics
  • The law of cause and effect
  • The law of love 

       These laws keep our world and our universe from spinning out of control.  Cause and effect means we can predict that if ‘this’ happens ‘that’ will follow.  If you put your feet on the floor after a good night’s sleep you can be sure that your body will remain on the floor.  This is gravity.  We rely on it to work every time.

       If you believe in luck, then your worth becomes contingent on how “lucky” you are.  But there is no such thing as luck.  Things don’t happen by chance.  They happen by choice.  Stop resisting chaos and watch how your circumstances change for the better.

       How is this going to happen?  By making a decision:  the decision to gain control of your thoughts.  Thoughts are things that we created in our mind.  They do not come from outer space, or from other minds.  We create our own thoughts, and we need to learn to take control of these thoughts.  You need to get clear on this truth.

       This takes time.  Stop resisting.  Learn to accept what is.  Remember that things are as they should be.  You cannot change who you are, but you can change how you think about yourself and the world around you. 

 Tomorrow’s topic – Chaos:  Resisting change