“Are you a taker, or a giver?”

The addict is a taker.  The addict has no other choice but to take.

This may sound harsh and a little judgmental, but it is the nature of addiction to take – not give.  There is only one thing that the addict cares about:  The addiction.

The addict has nothing to give.  It continues to use up all its resources trying to keep the addiction well fed.  Nothing else matters.  Keeping this hungry beast fed is more important than family, or friends, more important than keeping a good job, staying healthy, or even life itself.

But no matter how hard the addict tries, the addiction is never satisfied.  It wants, it wants, it wants.  Imagine a hole the size of the Grand Canyon; that is your addiction.  You could spend the rest of your life trying to fill it.  And die trying.

In recovery, we learn to be givers.  That is our natural state, and a result of our new found freedom.  No longer are we looking out for number one.

After a spiritual awakening, an addict is now able to give back because he/she wants to do so.  Love’s power takes over and the heart is now peaceful and quiet.

Step twelve is the final work of recovery.  How is your recovery?

Are you a taker, or a giver?