August 18

Purification:  Part III


      Another reason you need to record your personal ‘inventory’ is so you can have it as a reference when you make an honest confession.  Doing a personal inventory is like peeling back the layers of an onion.  The hurts and fears and resentments that lay hidden beneath the surface will require some time commitment and rigorous effort in order to tap into your subconscious.  Things that bubble up will need to be catalogued; otherwise, much of it could be lost in the process.

       Once you have confessed to yourself all the character defects of which you are aware, you will feel heavy, and in need of relief.  Keeping this inventory to yourself will not help you at all.  You will need to unburden yourself; you will need to confess to God, and to another human being.

      God is ready to hear your confession.  There is so much love and compassion with God, your Higher Power, that you can be sure that God will listen.  Realize that this personal information about yourself is not news to God.  You just need to say it; and say it clearly with feeling.

      Finally, you must find a safe person – someone you trust – to hear your confession.  If you’ve broken the law, you need to confess to a lawyer.  If you have deep psychological needs, you need a therapist.  If you are a member of a church, you can confess to your minister or priest.  If the above scenarios are not on your radar screen, there is likely someone you know with whom you can entrust this personal information.