August 26

Vigilance:  Part VI

 Ask for knowledge of God’s will

      Other than remaining sober, what is the will of God for the addict in recovery?  What is the point of knowing the will of God?  There are three benefits to knowing God’s will:     

  • Direction
  • Inspiration
  • Wisdom

      The promises of the 12 Step program suggest that healing will take place in three areas: Physical, emotional and spiritual – the whole person.  The will of God will cover the needs of the entire person – body, soul and spirit.  And where this shows up in recovery impacts how a person thinks (cognitive), feels (emotional) and acts (physical).

      Direction for decision-making is a cognitive benefit.  The will of God is understood by the intellect, the mind.  It’s important that the thoughts of the recovering person are transformed and renewed in order to obtain proper direction for decision making.

      Inspiration for staying motivated is an emotional benefit.  God’s will has an impact on the emotions because the thought life is being renewed and transformed daily.  Change your thoughts and you change your emotional state.  This is how we are able to remain in our new-found sanity. 

      Wisdom for freedom from self-will is an action benefit.  Wisdom is a lot more than just knowing the correct decision, but also the power to take action.  The will of God impacts our decision making and our ability to fearlessly take action.

      So, the prayer for knowledge of God’s will must also be coupled with a request for the power to carry it out.  If God’s will is something that we are powerless to carry out, don’t you think that God would also provide for us the power to do it?

      Vigilance is so important if you are to remain on track in the pursuit of your heart’s desire.  It is the principle that enables you to discover what you truly want.  And this leads us to the last principle: the principle of Reciprocity.