Choosing to live ‘one day at a time’

As I consider the New Year ahead of me, I am struck with two thoughts:

  1. What will become of me?
  2. What are the possibilities?

Two emotions, really.  Both in opposition to each other.  “What will become of me?” is fear.  A combination of past regrets and anxiety over what might be repeated.  But thinking about the possibilities is quite exciting, exhilarating.

I can choose to dwell on the past; and I can easily obsess about the future.  But reviewing past failures won’t help me to stay sober because then I will begin to question my resolve to stay sober.  In fact, it will lead me back to where I was before – lost in addiction.

On the other hand, I can also choose to dwell on the possibilities, and look forward to better days, successful days.

The difference between the two is ‘this present moment.’  What do I choose to do?  What do I choose to think about?  If I naval gaze about yesterday or obsess about tomorrow I quite literally live in these two make-believe eternities that don’t exist – except in my mind.  In effect, I live in fear and invite death into my experience.

When I ask myself, “What are the possibilities?” I can remain in this present moment where all things are positive and real.  In so doing, I invite life into my experience.

Today, I choose life.  And that’s why I choose to live ‘one day at a time.’