Don’t just let it happen… make it happen!

The future is not yet born.  It has not yet happened.  Just like the past it doesn’t exist either.  But you do have a choice about your future:  You can let it happen, or you can make it happen.

 I must confess that too often I have just let it happen. 

 If I allow yesterday’s regrets become tomorrow’s fears I end up in ambivalence – unable to decide what to do, frozen.  And the only decision I can make is to procrastinate – put things off till ‘tomorrow.’

 This is called ‘letting it happen.’  Yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s fear will repeat themselves.  The cycle of shame continues indefinitely until you able to make a decision.

 When you make a decision to do something and act upon it, something wonderful happens:  You take control of your future and you make it happen!

 Personally, I would rather make it happen.

 And I can do this by continuing to make decisions right now – in this present moment – in this present circumstance in which I find myself. 

 You can have a better tomorrow if you decide today how that’s going to look.