Even though I am recovered, I’m still recovering.

I am recovered.  Recovered from all the obsessive thoughts and compulsive acting out that kept me mired in my addiction.

But that is not the end of it.  In fact, it’s only the beginning.

The 12 Steps is a life-time commitment that involves taking a daily inventory of yourself.  It’s like peeling away layers of an onion:  Each time you become aware of a character defect and let go of it, you peel back a layer of the ‘onion’ only to discover another layer beneath – another aspect of your personality that needs to be healed.

Don’t be lulled into the belief that ‘recovered’ means it’s over.  Anyone who feels smug about their recovery – the fact that they’re ‘recovered’ – doesn’t understand the process.  These are the ones who launch into Step 12, and completely ignore Steps 10 and 11.

Even though I have recovered, I am still recovering.

I will continue to take personal inventory of myself – each and every day.  I will continue to improve my conscious contact with God – moment by moment.  Steps 10 and 11 will continue for the rest of my life.