What lies hidden can hurt you…

Were you around during the construction of the Titanic? Me neither. We know there was a lot of hype that surrounded its maiden voyage… words like “indestructible” and “unsinkable.”

But this mighty ocean-going vessel never made it across the Atlantic. Not once.

Do we blame the engineers? The captain? The iceberg?

I don’t know. Perhaps the false idea that it was “unbreakable” caused this tragic incident. A sort of “don’t worry, we’ll be fine” attitude led to its demise…

Not knowing – or caring – what lies beneath the surface can set us up for a fall. And when we collapse, we could take a lot of people with us…

Thinking you are indestructible will set you up for a collision with the iceberg of hidden beliefs. There are ‘hidden’ beliefs just below the surface, beneath the level of your awareness. But just because you are unaware of them, doesn’t mean they don’t influence how you think and feel.

In fact, you have beliefs that have directed your life since you were a small child.

What are some of your hidden beliefs? Here are a few of my own:

· “I am unworthy”
· “I am not good enough”

Now, I don’t walk around thinking to myself, “I am worthless.” It’s my actions that betray my beliefs. I try to imagine what I want to do with my life. But I don’t make the necessary effort to get where I want to go. It is my actions that betray the belief “I don’t deserve it… I am unworthy.”

Your recovery depends on a growing awareness of your hidden beliefs that lie just below the surface. They’re the “iceberg” that can sink your ship before it has reached its destination.