“Fellowship and Higher power”

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few weeks about “higher power.”

Even though I was raised in the Christian faith and went to church on a regular basis, I do realize that ‘religion’ is not a prerequisite for solid recovery.  In my case, I hid behind my religion; so it wasn’t doing me any good in terms of keeping me sober.  But don’t misunderstand:  It’s not that I feel there was anything wrong with my religious beliefs.  But there was something wrong with me; I wasn’t on the level with my fellow Christians.  I lied a lot.  I knew how to fly well below the Christian ‘radar.’

Early on in my recovery, when “higher power” was the topic of discussion, I typically assumed that we were talking about my God… the Christian God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost).  But lately, I’m coming to understand that ‘higher power’ has more to do with ‘inner power’ – the power within – and not the God up there or out there.  No matter what divinity we happen to believe in, the fact remains that we all have a higher power within us.  This is our compass giving us direction; it’s our source of inner wisdom that has been buried under a load of addiction.

When we gather together, we share together in this collective wisdom known as higher power.  We stimulate one another to do better, to draw upon our own inner resources, our inner power.  I realize that everyone has their own ideas about God – the One in charge of the Cosmos; but whether we believe in a Supreme being or not, we can learn to access an inner power that seems to be within each of us (I say ‘seems’ because I am not an expert).  For it is the fellowship that helps us to access the strength to climb out of the hole we dug for ourselves and reach for the stars.

For those who struggle with this concept of a higher power, I hope this helps.