“Fish swim, birds fly… man prays”

It is only natural that fish live in water. They are not meant to live on dry land. It is only natural for birds to fly. They are not meant to live in a cage.

It is only natural that a little acorn grows into a great oak tree. It cannot do otherwise.

In fact, there is a certain order to everything in creation. For all things have a design, and a purpose for their existence. Without this order, creation would break down… and all would be chaos.

Man is a spiritual being. It is only natural that he should pray. For it is his nature to connect with his spiritual source. This need for a connection with God has been described as a “God-shaped hole”… a void put there by God so man would search for his purpose, and his Creator.

Unfortunately, many of us are spiritually bankrupt. We sought after a substitute to fill the God-shaped hole inside us. We became addicts, seeking only what we want – selfishly living our lives for ourselves and by ourselves.

We chose a substitute for God because we really didn’t know there was an alternative. We felt incomplete – like something was missing – and found “the thing” that made us feel better… more complete.

But when the thing we wanted became an obsession, it eventually grew into a full-blown addiction. And we were left feeling incomplete.

And our lives eventually turned into chaos. Completely out of order. That’s when someone told us that we needed to let go of the thing – the substitute – and follow after God. It was scary… like stepping off a cliff into oblivion…

But we took it.

And as we continue to pray, the chaos in our lives subsides. We are restored to sanity.

We’re learning that God is there. Really there. God is giving us what none of the substitutes could ever give…

Yes, we’re learning to connect with God. It’s only natural.