Follow your moral compass

What can I say:  I’m forgetful.

 Just ask my wife.  She’ll remind me to pick something up from the store on my way home from work and, 5 minutes later, I’ve forgotten.  It could be old age, or absent-mindedness, but – be that as it may – I am very forgetful.

 Most of us are forgetful about a lot of things.  And, often, we’ve chosen to be that way. 

 As addicts, we’ve chosen to forget the values we once were taught as children.  We don’t think they’re relevant anymore, especially in this modern world in which we live.  And besides, they cramp our addictive style.

 But inside every one of us there is a moral compass; a standard by which we can know right from wrong.  For we all know the difference between good and bad behavior. 

 When you participate in behaviors that make you feel guilty or ashamed, you will erode your self-esteem and self-confidence.  Far better to engage in activities that you believe are right for you, and aligned with your code of conduct.

 Do what is right for your moral compass!  When you engage in doing what is right, you will find a wonderful and powerful inner peace – and your self-worth will rise to a higher plane.

 Ask your Higher Power to help you heal any situation or relationship, so you can bring your entire life fully into alignment with your inner truth.