God’s will is that I remain in this present moment

When I was little, my teachers would tell my parents that I was constantly day-dreaming.

They felt that I wasn’t learning what they had to teach because I was off in a fantasy world of my own.  I had trouble paying attention.  I guess I found the theater of my mind more interesting than what the rest of the class was learning.

I chose to live in my own make-believe world rather than remain in this present moment.

I’m still like that.  If you haven’t captured my attention, I will drift off somewhere else and leave you talking to yourself.  I suppose I liked the world I had in my head better than the one in which I lived.

As an addict, I spent serious amounts of time in my own fantasies.  Sexual fantasy kept me occupied all day long.  It never took a holiday; I was occupied constantly with it.

But God doesn’t exist in fantasies and escapes.  Higher power doesn’t work if we are obsessed with the regrets of yesterday or the fear of tomorrow.

God wants me to remain in this present reality.  Only then can I tap into the power that comes to me in this one eternal moment we call the present.