God’s will leads to abundance

There is a tremendous surplus of grace in the spiritual realm.  We do not realize this because we are so determined not to go without.  We fail to realize how abundant is God’s love and grace.

It’s our addiction – our constant craving – that actually blocks the flow of God’s power into our lives.  By choosing a substitute pleasure for God’s grace, we turn off the spiritual tap of divine pleasure.

It doesn’t take much to turn it off or turn in on… just a split second when we decide to either take what we want – or wait for God’s direction.

Are you tired of taking what you want (whatever you are addicted to), and ending up with nothing but regret?

Are you ready to follow the path that leads to spiritual abundance?  This is possible if you are ready to let go of the things for which you naturally grasp.  You will come to know and experience the overflowing of God’s compassion and generosity if you are willing to allow God to take care of you.

This can appear to be just a pipe dream… trying to imagine God actually filling up your every desire!  We are so used to satisfying out own lusts that the thought of a “higher power” meeting our needs is too much to accept.

Decide now – if you are able – to let go of your unnatural desires, and let God fill you with abundant love, peace and joy.  You will never have to go without ever again.  When you are ready, there is more-than-enough good stuff to go around.  There is never any shortage of grace in God’s economy.