God’s will leads to freedom

Everyone wants to be free:  Free from the ties that bind.

“My hands are tied” is a favorite expression of those who feel they can do nothing.  Feeling ‘helpless’ can do a number on the human psyche.

Sometimes I feel like I’m all twisted up in knots, all bound up inside.  There’s even a physical tightness I feel when I am all ‘tied’ up with anxiety and stress.

I have lived with debt most of my life.  And it seems to have brought with it a certain stress that has weakened me.  Financial debt threw me into a debtor’s prison.

But there’s also a spiritual debt that we as addicts must pay back if we are ever to find freedom from our addiction.  This spiritual debt is what we are dealing with as we work through the 12 steps.  There are certain things we must do if we expect to be released from our bondage.

We are created to be free… free and clear!  And yet much of our time is spent taking, and never giving – creating more ‘debt’ for ourselves.  We want to get out of our debtor’s prison, but continue to feel stuck.

God’s will – God’s design – leads us to freedom.  Our will (our design) only leads to bondage.  You can’t ask for something from God and then take for yourself what you thing you need.  We don’t seem to understand that freedom is granted if we learn how to wait for what we need.

Do you want to be free?  Get out of debt – financially and spiritually.  Pay back your debts.  Forgive your debtors.  And stop taking what you think will ease your pain.  What you take for yourself pushes you even further into debt.

God’s will leads us to freedom; our will leads to slavery.  Learn God’s design, God’s plan.  Pay off your ‘debts’ and stay free.