God’s will vs. my will

How do I know the difference between God’s will and my own will?  Here are 10 suggestions that point to God’s will for us:

  1. God’s will is that I stay alive and sober.  My will leads to death and addiction.
  2. God’s will is that I learn patience.  My will wants it now.
  3. God’s will is that I learn humility.  My will puts me first in line – every time.
  4. God’s will leads to order and clarity.  My will leads to chaos and confusion.
  5. God’s will is the way of Love.  My will is the path of fear.
  6. God’s will is that I tell the truth.  My will wants to cover things up.
  7. God’s will wants me to remain connected with others.  My will leads to isolation.
  8. God’s will leads to freedom. My will leads to slavery.
  9. God’s will leads to abundance.  My will leads to poverty.
  10. God’s will is that I remain in this present moment.  My will regrets the past and fears the future.

It’s almost as if there is this God-shaped ‘hole’ in each of us.  And this empty space can only be filled with one thing:  God’s love.

But we don’t seem to know how to fill this God-shaped need.  We try to fill this need with stuff:  Things that we want.  And we’re convinced that “if I only had…” that thing will fill our aching, divine need somehow.

God’s will is often in direct contrast to what we want.  For the next 10 weeks, we’re going to take a look at God’s will and how we can align ourselves better with our Higher Power.