How do we live in the Now?

I’ve got quite a collection of self-help books. Some of them encourage me to “live in the now.” But what does that mean? How are we supposed to live in the now? Here’s my answer…

You’re already familiar with what it feels like when you’re not living in the now. You feel negative, resentful. You feel like acting out!

Here are a few ways we fail to live in the now…

  1. Living with past regrets
  2. Living with past resentments
  3. Putting things off (procrastinating)
  4. Acting out (using)

If your over-all attitude to life is “No!” you’re not living in the now. You can’t – and won’t – accept what is. But when you live in the now, you deliberately say “Yes” to life – to your life.

You can live in the now by…

  1. Letting go of the past
  2. Giving thanks
  3. Expressing gratitude
  4. Accepting what is

In order to live in the now, you must live mindfully. This means you no longer think, say or do things on auto pilot. You do things deliberately… like giving thanks and expressing gratitude. And when you do that, you naturally let go of the past.

As we learn to accept what is, we open ourselves up to an awareness that is holy and peaceful. We simply live one day at a time. Living “mindfully” can be described as “the practice of observing everything that’s going on – as it happens – and letting it be okay.”

Living mindfully is the best way I know to live in the now.