It is God’s will that I connect with other people

There’s a slogan in A.A. circles: “You alone must do it, but you must not do it alone.”  Another is: “You are not alone.”

Recovery does not happen all on your own.  You cannot do it alone.  Your isolation from others has kept you entrenched in your addiction long enough.

God’s will for you is to connect with others – safe people in recovery.  In order to get help from your Higher Power you will need to draw strength from the fellowship.

When we remained in our isolated obsessions and secret compulsions, we were powerless to break free from our addiction.  But when we admitted that we were powerless, we joined a group of fellow addicts in order to get help.

And this help is available every single day.  Should you return to isolation, you will surely end up in your addiction again.

After a few months of sobriety, you may start to feel better, stronger.  You will be tempted to pull away from the group thinking that you are now able to go it alone.

You don’t realize that it’s the fellowship that has given your strength.  If you break away, you will run the huge risk of a relapse.  Staying connected with others in recovery is God’s will for you; isolation is not.

You are not alone.  And you cannot do it alone.  Stay connected; it’s God’s will for you.