It is God’s will that I learn patience

Higher Power is in no particular hurry to “un-ring the bell” by undoing our sad and often chaotic circumstances.  Much of the dysfunction we experience in our day to day lives is a result of our own stupid mistakes and unwise decisions.

We rush into relationships and can’t understand why they don’t last.  We hurry to buy the car or the house that is going to bring us true happiness and fulfillment.  We run headlong into financial disaster because we don’t patiently wait for guidance and wisdom.

We want what we want.  And we want it now.  We take no thought for tomorrow; nor do we even care about our future.  All that matters is right now.  Instead of living in the moment, we choose to live for the moment.

Instead of focusing on what is important, we throw caution to the wind and scurry along for the next opportunity to act out.  My impatience has led me to a place where I find it difficult to concentrate.  The habit of grasping for things that feed my addiction has weakened my ability to focus on just one thing.  I am easily distracted and often find it difficult to know what is important.

Higher Power wants us to know what is important, and to enjoy success in reaching our goals.  This requires patience.  Sadly, we don’t have the patience to wait for what we desire.  So we settle for a substitute.

It is God’s will that we learn patience, for it is patience that will keep us focused and allow us to remain on the sacred path of recovery.