It is God’s will that I remain alive and sober.

Higher Power says “yes” to life, and living life to its fullest.  Higher Power is that which is in agreement with the proper order of everything sacred.  Higher Power brings a spiritual awakening that leads to honesty, peace and joy.  Higher Power is the connection we have with the power of the universe:  The power of Love.

Addiction says “no” to anything that might sustain and improve our lives.  Addiction doesn’t care about the proper order of things, or honesty, peace and joy.  It only cares about getting its cravings filled right this instant… with no thought of anyone else.  Addiction thumbs its nose at God and Higher Power… and hates anyone who interferes with its goal to get what it wants.

Addiction is really a substitute for Higher Power, for reality and for Love.  But a substitute is not what we humans need.  Anything less than Higher Power leads to more addiction and – eventually – death itself.

It is God’s will that we remain sober.  Without sobriety, we will remain in our addiction.  And every day we remain in our addiction is another day lost to fantasy, lying, chaos and sorrow.

It is God’s will that you share in the sacred order of the universe:  Love!  Without sobriety, we will never know Love or what Love can bring into our lives.  That is why it is God’s will that we remain sober… and alive.