July 21

Purpose:  Discovery and Adventure

       One of the few joys I had as a boy was going somewhere – usually camping.  It was exciting to pack up the car and tent trailer (back in the sixties), and head out on the road to somewhere only my father knew.

       It was this sense of adventure that injected a measure of joy into my experience as a young boy.  The chance to explore and discover new things heightened my anticipation of life and the joy of living.  (I don’t think I could have described it as accurately, but the feeling was there.)  There was some joyful about the adventure, something rejuvenating about the trip to a new place.  I trusted my ‘higher power’ – my father – to get us there safely and successfully.  The joy was in the journey…

       There’s something in the human heart that is a little bit wild, with a need to grow and expand, to move into new territories, to cover new ground.  It can seem a little scary at first.  But fear, I have learned, is the flipside to excitement.  What is exciting to one person is fearful to another.  But even to the ‘scare-d-cat’ there lies hidden the desire for new and improved!  The human soul has a need to increase because it’s the nature of all created things to grow and expand.

      Who’s heart is it that expands:  The one who stays behind to hold the fort, or the one who steps out never knowing if they will return?  The one who plays it safe will maintain status quo; the one who steps out into possible danger, who risks life itself, will expand and grow experience the joy of the journey.

       There are no guarantees in life.  We do not know the final outcome of our journey.  Nor should we.  We can only learn to face our fears and do it anyway.  Following our inner voice – the will of God – is a journey of faith.  And that’s where the joy is found.

       Maturity is the process whereby a child becomes an adult.  Physical maturity is the growth of the body into its full potential.  Emotional maturity is also the growth of the human heart into its fullest potential.  And spiritual maturity is the growth of the soul.

 My purpose in life is to inspire others to greatness by encouraging them to:

  • Surrender to God
  • Believe in themselves
  • Give to others

       It is this purpose that challenges me to expand, to grow, to develop new skills and to do what I have never done before.  There’s a saying that goes like this:  “To get what you never got, you have to think what you never thought.”  My purpose in life brings me joy as I follow on and remain willing to “think what I never thought and get to where I never got.”

 Tomorrow’s topic – Purpose:  The faithful heart