July 22

Purpose:  The faithful heart

       “Moreover, it is required… that a man be found faithful.”  I Cor. 4:2

       How many people do you know who you can really trust?  Who do you know is the kind of person that promises to do something and then follows through?  Do you know anyone who is truly trustworthy, someone who is faithful?

       If you do know someone who is faithful, I’m willing to bet that this person most likely has a purpose.  They have a reason to be – they know where they’re headed.

       A person with a faithful heart is someone who is grateful for what they are given.  The faithful individual is aware of how much they have been given, and has an awareness of God’s abundance and grace.  They do not feel short-changed, neither do they feel cynical or resentful about their station in life.  The person who has a purpose in life is living life on purpose, and therefore is able to faithfully follow through with what they are doing.

       The person who is faithful has a sense of worth.  They know their own worth as a human being.  This doesn’t mean that they have a sense of entitlement.  There is no hint of pride or arrogance that would cause them to grasp at things that haven’t been given to them.  The just know that they are worthy of love and worthy of the good things that have been given.  They remain faithful because of their strong sense of worthiness and their conviction that they are worth something to the people with which they come in contact.

       The faithful person is aware of their influence in the universe.  They know that their actions have a ripple effect across the miles.  What they think and do has a profound effect on those within their immediate circle of influence, and also on others whom they have never met.  Armed with this knowledge they act responsibly each day and want to be dependable for those who rely on them.  

       A faithful heart is unafraid to pledge its help to others.  A promise is made and kept because the faithful heart understands its purpose in this world.  The faithful few agree to help – not out of guilt – but because it matches their mission and lines up with their goals. 

       The faithful person understands that “to him who is faithful with little, much will be given.”  In our world there is a principle that governs expansion: It’s the Law of Abundance.  And it applies to all who are faithful.  There is so much potential in this world for all who dare to claim what is rightfully theirs. 

       The person who knows their worth and acts accordingly will manifest what God has for them.  The person who has no self-worth has nothing to claim.  Knowing your  true worth is key to having confidence in yourself.  When you feel confident you will act faithfully in all you do. 

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