July 26

The Freedom of Desire

       Love is an energy large enough to fill the entire universe, but still small enough to live within the heart.  Love remains the most powerful force in this world; and it can build your heart into a fortress of strength.  No amount of intellectual pursuit can compare with the convincing power of a heart on fire.  That is why the heart remains the place where you will find your inner strength. 

       Unfortunately, when Desire becomes attached to specific objects, people and places, the Heart is then hijacked to a make-believe realm called ‘addiction.’  And that is where it will remain until rescued.  This is our human condition; a state from which we need to be rescued.  Love cannot fill a heart that has been taken captive by lesser things.  No amount of ‘getting’ – accumulation of things – will ever equal what Love can offer.

       In order to release your Heart from it’s bondage you must learn to detach from all the lesser things to which you have attached your Desire.  This is called “letting go.”  Detachment is letting go of your wants.  This does not mean that you are required to live a passionless life of cold austerity.  Far from it. 

       What we’re really talking about is freedom of desire.  Not freedom from desire, but freedom of desire.  There’s a big difference between the two.  Gerald G. May says in his book Addiction & Grace:

       “An authentic spiritual understanding of detachment devalues neither desire nor the objects of desire. Instead, it aims at correcting one’s own anxious grasping in order to free oneself… With freedom of desire comes the capacity to love, and love is the goal of the spiritual life.”

       So far we have looked at three concepts:  Heart, Love, and Desire.  I want to be clear about what I’m suggesting, so allow me to explain how these key concepts work in relation to each other:   

 1)      The heart is your core where you will find your truest desires.  Your heart is the center of your being from which all things that are authentically you originate.  It’s where ‘you’ live, and love and have your being.

 2)      Love is what is needed to strengthen your heart.  You have an inherent need – a desire – to give and receive this strength.  Some have called this need a “God shaped hole” which can only be filled with Love from the Source, your Creator.

 3)      Desire that becomes attached to things, people and places kidnaps the heart and takes it to a place called addiction.  And when your heart is held captive, it is cut off from its Source, and cannot receive Love’s power. 

 4)  The only way out is by letting go; detachment from things, people and places will win your heart back.  Detachment will reward you with Freedom of Desire, the capacity to receive the power of Love.

       The above four points are the foundation of the 7 guiding principles which we will cover over the next few weeks.  These 7 guiding principles that will help you discover for yourself what you really want.  And when you know what you really want, the rest is simple!