June 28

Trust:  Letting go of cynicism

                One thing that disappears if you truly trust God is cynicism.  You know the phrases:  “That’ll never work, it’s never been done before.”  It ‘s “the glass is half empty” attitude.  There is a ton of anger and resentment hidden beneath the surface of the cynic.

       Cynicism can reveal itself in basically two different forms.  It can either have an edge to it like, “What makes you think that you’re going to be able to do that?”  Or it can have a resigned, powerless tone like, “I’ve got this black cloud hanging over my head… nothing ever goes my way.”  In either case, you’re either judging someone else or you’re making a judgment about yourself. 

       The person who trusts God and trusts him/herself simply wouldn’t exhibit this kind of attitude.  The person who trusts God has a quiet understanding about what to expect from God.  This person knows that ‘come hell or high water’ they will receive what they need.

       The person who believes in him/herself has a positive expectation about the future.  Even though it hasn’t arrived (and it never will – it’s always right now) the future holds great promise for the trusting soul.  Positive expectation is pretty much the opposite of cynicism.  The person who has a positive outlook sees the glass half full.  “The sun will come out tomorrow” becomes the theme song of the trusting soul.  This person knows that all things are possible to those who trust in God.

       Does this mean that bad things will never happen to the one who trusts?  At the risk of sounding negative I’d have to say that we all know this isn’t realistic.  Bad things happen to good people all the time.  Then what’s the point of staying positive if “things aren’t going to work out?”

       The point is this:  Good stuff happens, and bad stuff happens every day.  What makes the difference is all in our attitude.  Positive or negative; grateful or cynical.  It doesn’t take any courage to become a cynic.  It’s actually the easy and ‘safe’ route; but it leaves the soul empty and afraid.

       Trusting souls don’t wait for things to happen; they make them happen.  The one who trusts in God first gives before receiving, gives love in order to receive love.  “Give and it shall be given unto you.”  I think we’re talking about the “Law of Attraction.”  If you want more of something, give it away to others, and it will all come back to you in spades.  Giving generously, from the heart, will ensure that your future is bright.  Giving is also a way of telling your mind you have confidence, that there is no shortage, and that there is no poverty.  Giving generously causes you to move confidently toward a life of abundance. 

 Tomorrow’s topic – Trust:  Accepting God’s grace