June 17

Acceptance:  The reality of ‘right now’

       We have spent a great deal of time examining illusion: how we see ourselves, the rest of the world, and God.  How do we know what is real?  If we can’t trust our thoughts, how can we tell the difference between reality and fantasy?

       Stop thinking!  Become aware of what is around you and in you.

       Stop judging!  Realize that what is, is holy.  We cannot judge a certain something to be good or bad without constructing a story around that person, thing or event.  We can’t be sure that our memories serve us well; they may be vivid, but we can’t be sure if our interpretation of the past is accurate.

       All we can really know for sure is that we are here in this present moment.  If we can’t be sure about this present moment then all is smoke and mirrors, a hallucination, a dream from which we will never awaken.  But if we are to begin somewhere, it is in this “present moment.” 

       The only reality we have is the reality of right now.  The past and the future are an illusion.  They do not exist.  There’s no such thing as time-travel.  You cannot go back in time or go forward to the future.  The past is a vapor, and the future is always out of reach.  They simply do not exist in reality – only in our minds, that is, our thoughts.

       If we are to experience God it will be in this present moment, right now.  We won’t find God in the past or the future.  If God exists, He or She will not be found by searching for tomorrow, or rummaging around in yesterday.  Our only reality is right now; it is in this present, eternal moment that God exists.

       This present moment is where you can be honest with yourself about how you feel – really feel.  This present moment holds great power for you because when you are “in the moment” you are truly aware of your emotional state, your true feelings.

       It’s the reality of right now that enables us to gain an appreciation for the magic in the moment, the little things that go unnoticed, the little miracles that occur every day of which we are not aware.  If our focus is on what we don’t have, we will miss what we do have. 

       When we get lost in all of the illusions we save in our minds, we miss so much.  When we are able to get past all the illusions, we are left with one thing:  Love.

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