June 21

Acceptance:  Accepting responsibility

       you recognize your responsibility for your anger and resentment, and accept it as your own, you are on the road to freedom.  Acceptance is not resignation; resignation only leads to more resentment.  Acceptance has more to do with embracing the present circumstances, not being resigned to them.  Acceptance brings closure to a problem; resignation does not.  Acceptance ends the suffering, resignation wallows in it.

       Acceptance is recognizing that you have the power to change things.  It recognizes the fact that you got yourself here and you are able to get yourself out.  You are finally ready to take the appropriate action that will give you your freedom.  Accepting your responsibility for your circumstances empowers you to take action.

       Accepting responsibility clears up the chaos in your life.  Let’s face it, you have enough chaos in a day, and you don’t need to create more.  But when you resist the chaos and play the victim, you simply extend the turmoil indefinitely and increase the suffering.

       When you “love what is” you allow it to simply be.  Much of what happens to you cannot be controlled or contained.  If you try to control or contain life, you resist; and that’s where the suffering comes from.  Resisting.  It’s not the circumstances that are causing you pain; it’s your resistance to your circumstances.

       When you “love what is” you accept life on life’s terms.  When you embrace your circumstances and take responsibility for your life, you clear up a lot of the chaos.  And the resentment that had a grip on you grows weaker every day.  You are no longer the victim.  You are taking control. 

       So you see, letting go is more of an embrace than a release.  You can’t hold more than one belief at a time; and you can’t hold more than one attitude at a time.  If you are going to embrace life on life’s terms, then you are going to have to release your resentment.  Keep on embracing life ‘as is’ without judgment, and you will begin to see resentment fade away naturally.  The willing embrace of life is an attitude that spells the death of resentment. 

       I spent years and years running from my responsibilities; as a father, husband, and friend.  I thought God would make things happen without any input from me.  “Things will just happen, you’ll see…” I would tell myself.  What I failed to realize was I was going with the flow, taking whatever came my way because I refused to take any risks.

       Acceptance allows us to let go and let God.  And when we truly let go we become free of all our attachments.  We are then ready to take life on life’s terms as mature adults.  We begin to realize that we are not the center of the universe.  God is.

 Tomorrow’s topic – Trust:  Letting go of our limitations