June 24

Trust:  Looking to the future

       Trust begins with belief.  Belief in God, yes.  Trust in God also translates into belief in one’s self.  I was taught (mostly by attitude and example) that you can’t trust yourself, hence, you shouldn’t believe in yourself; your belief is in God, not yourself.  But I think more accurately that without surrender you cannot trust or believe in yourself.  It’s really not a question of whether I should believe in myself – I simply cannot.

       “Somebody bigger than you and I.”  What gives me courage and faith is trusting in my Higher Power.    If I am surrendered to God, I can therefore have faith that my Higher Power will give me the power to do what seems to be impossible.  Trust in my Higher Power allows me to look to the future with boldness and confidence.

       And it’s this confidence – in God and in myself – that helps me to face the future.  I am no longer attached to my past failures, disappointments, hurts and resentments because I have hope for the future.  The past will always try to hold me back, and it will if I let it.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

       We all want guarantees.  I worked for a company that makes suspension helper springs sold as an after-market product.  (That just means that they were sold as an accessory to strengthen the existing suspension.)  We offered a lifetime warranty and a customer satisfaction.  And the product sold like hotcakes.  If a potential customer was at the tipping point and ready to buy, the mention of these two guarantees helped them make up their minds. 

       But we do not have the same guarantees in life.  If your life is shattered and falling apart, you can’t just take it back for a new one.  No one’s going to refund your money.  The future is not ours to see.  But that doesn’t matter.  What gives us hope for the future is not some ‘guarantee’ about how life will turn out, but a daily assurance that we can live with confidence today, in this present moment.  We don’t need to obsess about tomorrow.  If we do, we will miss out on what is happening today.  And it’s all good!

       Trust begins with belief in God and one’s self; this belief turns into faith and hope.  Hope for the future eventually crystallizes into a vision of the future.  This is a picture of how things ought to be.  This is not a goal with steps all mapped out scientifically.  This vision is a mental picture without all the steps, and without any definite plan on how to get there.  If you have a clear vision that inspires you, you can hold your head up high and move in the direction of your vision with confidence, and without shame.

       If you have accepted your human limitations, you then need to let go of them.  Then place your trust in your Higher Power to provide you with the people and the resources that will enable you to do the impossible.  

 Tomorrow’s topic – Trust:  The reality of abundance