June 27

Trust:  The reality of abundance

       “Yeah, but…” you say.  “If I get my hopes up too high I’ll just be setting myself up for disappointment.”        That’s right.  There are no guarantees.  And, yes, things don’t always turn out the way we planned.  Life is full of disappointment.  People let us down, the weather lets us down, and the economy lets us down.  It would appear that things are stacked against us. 

       Don’t you feel this way?  Who doesn’t?  And so we play it safe.  We don’t get our hopes up so we don’t get disappointed.  We don’t dream too big because it hurts when things don’t work out.  We know people who try to get ahead; they put together a plan and then they spend money on their plan.  Things start out pretty good but end really bad with more debt than when they first started. 

       And we smile knowing that we were smarter than our more adventurous friends.  Didn’t they know?  There just isn’t enough luck to go around in the world.  Success is for the lucky few; most of us are grounded, destined to peck away in the chicken coop of our lives.  “It’s best that we stay inside the coop where it’s safe.”

       This kind of thinking springs from the belief that there is a shortage, limited resources in a shrinking world.  And like the great depression in war torn Europe, there isn’t enough to go around.  We believe in lack, scarcity, and deficiency.  We were raised that way.  “Do you think money grows on trees?” was a favorite one of my parents.  I heard it recited many times, and grew to expect very little from life and from God.

       But God actually teaches us a very different notion.  With God there is no shortage, no limits, no lack.  However, we fail to believe this truth about God, our Source.  We forget that God is our Source, the One who put us here, the one who sustains us, and the One who can save us from ourselves.  We don’t believe in God, or at least in a God of abundance.  And so we stay ‘grounded’ in our safe little lives inside the chicken coop.  We choose not to venture outside the confines of our pathetic little lives because of fear.  Fear of poverty is one dread that holds us back.  Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, and fear of failure prevent us from stepping out to do what might actually improve our lives.

       God is good.  God is our Source and can be trusted.  Trust is what we have because we believe in a God of abundance.  God is not poverty stricken.  In fact, God knows no limits.  Your Higher Power can take your life of poverty and limitations, and cause it to flourish and blossom with Life.  But if you have not faith, if you choose not to believe, then you have a huge block in your life.  This block, this lack of faith, will prevent you from receiving good things from your Source.  Your belief in scarcity will bring you poverty.  Your belief in God’s abundance will bring you Life.

 Tomorrow’s topic – Trust:  Letting go of cynicism