June 29

Trust:  Accepting God’s grace

       If we trust God for things over which we have little or no control, for things that – without God’s help – would never happen, we simply show our trust in God by letting go of our limitations.  And without our letting go we would never be able to receive God’s grace.  As long as we think we are in control and remain in a safe place where we can feel self reliant, we cannot possibly accept God’s grace.  “Jesus, take the wheel” is a phrase that sums up not only our need for but also our acceptance of God’s grace.

       If you want miracles to happen in your life you’re going to have to let go.  Just let go! 

       Like those of us who have worked the 12 Steps of AA, you must begin by admitting your own powerlessness, your limitations.  You will never let go of your limitations until you acknowledge what they are.  These are the things that are out of reach, but things that we need in order to live victorious lives. 

       These are the things that cause us to turn to our Higher Power.  Without God we will never know the inner power to transcend our shortcomings and limitations.  There are things that need to be done that we do not have the power to do.  And it is for these things that we need the grace of God.

       Making positive changes in your life can be painful.  The old ways (addictions, obsessions, compulsions) are cozy and familiar.  In order to move past these old ways it requires courage, acceptance and trust. 

       The discomfort of positive change is enough to keep us stuck in our old familiar ways.  A German proverb goes like this:  “An old error is more popular than a new truth.”  The fear and discomfort of new and uncharted territory is enough to send us back to our addictions, obsessions and compulsions. 

       That is why trust is so necessary to make the change complete.  Trust in your Higher Power will carry you through any change that is difficult.  Surrendering to God is a matter of trust because you really don’t have any previous experience to fall back on.  All you have is faith.

       It takes faith to please God.  In other words, if you want God’s grace to flow in your life you must let go; you must surrender your life and will to God completely.  It’s up to us to accept God’s grace, to open up the spiritual channels of Divine Love. 

       Surrender (courage, acceptance, trust) prepares our hearts to receive God’s grace.  The soil of your heart is hard and fallow, and needs to be prepared for the seeds of grace.  Realize that God’s grace is, by definition, a gift.  One we must receive, if we are ready. 

 Tomorrow’s topic – Prayer:  Practicing the presence of peace