Let go and let God

Control is an issue for a lot of people – particularly addicts.  It’s one of the reasons why we have an addiction in the first place.  If that’s true, then, what is it we’re trying to control?

 My life seemed to be out of control; at least, that’s what I told myself.  There were many things that I couldn’t manage; one of them was my emotions.  The way I felt most days.  I guess you could say I struggled with depression.

 The best way I knew how to control how I felt was to act out.  But that has proven to be the worst kind of prison.  In fact, it was the addiction that eventually controlled me!

 Giving up control – letting go – can seem like stepping off a cliff into oblivion.  Scary stuff.  But letting go is absolutely necessary if you are going to break free of the icy grip of addiction.

 Actually, you’re not giving up control.  You never really had it in the first place.  What you’re giving up is the illusion of control.  And you’re giving up the possibility that you could ever be in complete control of what’s going on around you.

 I was able to breathe a sigh of relief when I finally gave up trying to juggle everything going on around me.  What a breakthrough that was!  Nothing mattered anymore.  I didn’t have to be right – it wasn’t important to win an argument. 

 Are you tired of working hard at keeping it all together?  Why don’t you stop trying so hard?  Give yourself a break, and let your Higher Power take over.  Stop resisting.  Learn to be okay with who you are. 

 It’s okay to feel.  And it’s certainly possible to love ‘what is’ and everything that is happening in this present moment.