Let go of your attachments

I want to talk about the heart, your heart.  It’s at the center of your being where all things that are authentically ‘you’ lay hidden. The ‘heart’ is your emotional core where you will find your truest desires. 

 Desire that becomes attached to other things, people or places kidnaps the heart and takes it to a place called addiction.  And when your heart is held captive by false desires, it is cut off from its Source; it cannot receive Love’s power.

 These attachments are merely substitutes for the real thing.  What we really want is Love.  But growing attached to alcohol, sex, or money (to name a few) leaves us wanting more. 

 And this growing need is insatiable.  The more we ‘use’ the stronger the impulse to ‘use’ becomes.  Desire that has attached itself to a substitute – a replacement for the real thing – doesn’t want to let go.  Why is this so? 

 Part of letting go may seem difficult – or even impossible – when it’s a full-blown addiction.  The fear factor prevents us from doing what seems like emotional suicide.

 But if you’re going to regain your sanity you need to realize that your attachments are holding you back, cutting you off from your Source.

 You won’t know what freedom is like until you decide to let go of your attachment.  Just like a space capsule from the early days of space exploration, reentering the earth’s atmosphere was a fiery ordeal.  Communication with others will be cut off for a short while, until you have fully returned.

 This ‘free-fall’ is a scary thing.  But it’s necessary if you are going to become reconnected with your Source.  But first you must let go…