Let go of your limitations

I’ll never forget the day I learned to windsurf.  It was a beautiful day – the warm sun sparkling across the surface of the lake.  A gentle breeze beckoned me to try it again.

So far, I’d been unsuccessful in my attempts to stay on the board long enough to see if it was possible.  Every time I fell into the lake I would crawl back up, grab the sail and try again.

 I would get really exhausted after about an hour of the same routine – into the water, out of the water, on to the board… into the water, out of the water, on to the board… repeating it over and over.

 What a wonderful day it was when I finally realized what I was doing.  Struggling with the wind – trying to get it to cooperate – wasn’t working for me.  But something ‘clicked’ that day, and I found myself – with the wind in my sail – flying across the lake!

 I discovered how to harness the power of the wind.  No longer did this mighty force seem like an intolerable bully; I now felt empowered to fly.  I had simply learned to let go.

 Letting go spiritually felt the same way.  When I learned to surrender to the power of God, I found I could do things I never thought possible.

 One of them, of course, was freedom from my addiction.  Regaining my sanity.

 Occasionally, I suffer from a lapse of memory.  Old habits die hard when you’re dealing with an addiction that’s been around for over thirty years.  But I now have the power to choose:  Am I going to resist, or simply let go and let God?