Let God be your ‘Source’

Who is your Higher Power? Someone who is bigger? Stronger? Smarter? Wiser?

I call my Higher Power ‘God.’ I’ve come to define God as the Creator – the Universal Mind behind the created order.

It has been said that God is Love. I believe this goes way beyond our concept of “warm and fuzzy.” This divine Love is the creative Desire that brought our world into being. Love is the energy that fills the universe because Creative Love is the reason it is there in the first place.

But you may say, “This world is not full of love. This world is a scary place where I feel insecure and afraid to face the new day.” Even though you may feel this way, your belief is not based on truth.

If you are going to let go, you are going to need to believe that God exists, that God is Love, and that God – your Higher Power – is the one who brought this world into being.

And it seems reasonable to also accept the fact that this universe is a friendly place – created in Love. Your Higher Power is indeed your Source. And you need to let go, and let God be your Source!

If you have done step three of the 12 Step program, you have given yourself over to the care of God. In other words, you have made a conscious decision to let God meet your needs.

No longer are you going to take what you think you need. That’s how you got into addiction in the first place. Instead, you have decided to let God take care of you. Isn’t this what the spiritual awakening is all about – making a shift in our perspective by letting God take the rightful place as the Source of all you need and want?

You were created in Love, and you need this Love. Addiction will only cut you off from the Source of Love. Continually letting go and letting God will keep you connected to the One who has what you need.

Let God be your Source.