Mayhem of the mind

I think it’s fair to say that “we become what we think about.”

Our thoughts dictate our actions.  If we think kind thoughts we will act kindly towards others.  If we think aggressive thoughts we will act aggressively.  We can control our actions by the thoughts that we think.

But what about the hardcore addict? Action (it would seem) is a result of compulsion.  The hardcore addict acts compulsively and thinks obsessively.  All is chaos.  There is an inability to focus.  And an inability to choose.

The addict is trapped in his/her obsessive thinking and compulsive acting out.  How can an addict ever hope to break free of compulsive behavior repeated over and over?

By taking action!  That’s right.  The 12 Steps are the only way to stop the insanity.  And in order to do the 12 Steps, it requires action!

Have you hit bottom?  Are you ready to stop digging?  Then it’s time to find a sponsor and begin the 12 Steps.  With help and guidance, each one of us is able to do the 12 steps and regain our sanity.

The chaos in your life is a result of the mayhem in your mind.  Do the steps and let God restore you to sanity.  Put an end to the mayhem of the mind.

With God’s help and the support of a 12 Step fellowship, you can do it.