Still small voice

      Do you remember the hit series The X-Files?  Oh yeah – wouldn’t have missed it for the world!  Nothing but aliens, the paranormal and psychological weirdness served up every week for its loyal fans.  And I remember the mysterious tag line, “The truth is out there.” 

      But is it? The truth… is it really out there?  Something mysterious can be quite intriguing; you feel compelled to know – to uncover the truth.  But unraveling a mystery doesn’t always require that we look for it out there.

      I’m talking about problems that we run into every day.  Some are long-standing difficulties that plague us; they happen over and over.  For some reason we can’t seem to solve them: Money problems, marriage problems, health problems, etc.  We look for the answers ‘out there’ somewhere…

      You’ve got money problems.  So how do you think you’re going to solve them?  Of course, with more money… and it’s out there somewhere… you just have to find it, right?

      You’ve got marriage problems.  How do most people solve them?  That’s right – go find another spouse!  (They’re out there somewhere.) 

      You’ve got health problems.  Where do you go?  To the doctor, of course.  Why?  To get drugs!  When you’re faced with these kinds of problems and dilemmas, you get in your car and go somewhere to find a solution.  It’s what we do because we believe that “the truth is out there.”

      This is all fine and good.  But the solutions are usually very short term – they don’t last.  For example, your bank account is empty so you get an infusion of cash.  But before long, you’re right back where you started and even further in debt.  Your marriage is failing so you split up, and then hook up with someone else.  But before long, you’re right back where you were – alone and looking for someone else.  And I don’t need to explain about your health problems:  there’s an endless array of drugs on the market that will keep you coming back for more!

      Have you ever considered that the answer is not out there?  Did you not know the answer lies within?  You see, within each and every one of us is a guidance mechanism that always points the way  and helps us to find solutions to our problems.  It doesn’t matter whether the challenge you are facing is large or small.  You are equipped with the necessary tools to solve all your problems.

      Deep within you is a place that is not affected by problems as you see them.  Way down deep in your heart and soul is the perfect solution to any problem that may come your way.  But you need to be able to access this place.  There are three things you must do in order to make use of your inner guidance mechanism.

1)      First you must become quiet.  All of us keep a lively, running dialogue in our heads and this mind chatter seems to increase when we grow still and remain quiet.  With practice you can learn how to turn down the volume and ready yourself for step 2. 

2)      The next step is listening.  You must learn to listen to the ‘still, small voice’ of wisdom that resides within you.  At first, it will seem a bit difficult.  But as you practice it will become much easier.  Be patient, and trust the process. 

3)      Finally, you need to keep an open mind.  Don’t argue or over-analyze the messages you get from your intuition.  Sometimes the answers may not make sense right away but, when you least expect it, a flash of insight will show up when you’re in the shower, mowing the lawn or driving your car.

      If you practice this seemingly simple exercise you will find that guidance comes to you in many forms and in many ways.  You may even find answers in a song on the radio, the words on a billboard or a phone call from a friend.  There is a solution to every problem.  Allow yourself to be guided by the great wisdom within you.  Trust yourself and trust God.  With God’s help and your faith in the process, you cannot fail.

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