You can know Freedom from Addiction

There is a path, a sacred path, to power and serenity.  No matter how you may have suffered in the past, it isn’t necessary.  

There is a way to know freedom from your addiction.  I used to wonder if it was possible for me; I now know that it is possible for anyone.

Maybe you are asking the question: “What is Addiction?”  Or you wonder if you actually have an addiction – but you’re not sure.

This web site is dedicated to helping those who are asking the questions and looking for answers.  You will also find practical help if you are presently in recovery. 

Whether or not you are a member of a 12 Step group, it is my hope that you find inspiration and encouragement as you brouse these pages and blog posts.

I can promise you this:  If you are prepared to go to any length to gain freedom from your obsessions, compulsions and addictions you will soon find yourself on the Sacred Path to recovery.

A new blog entry every Monday

You will find a new blog entry posted every Monday morning.   Each entry will introduce a new thought about some aspect of recovery – everything about 12-step work, dealing with shame and our personal defects, staying focussed, Higher Power, and much more. 

Let’s face it: getting sober is just the beginning of our recovery.  There are as many facets to spiritual growth as there are people in recovery. 

Looking for your feedback

Please feel free to enter your comments.  And I welcome your personal stories – anything that relates to your successes (and challenges) in recovery from addiction.

Your input can be extremely helpful for me, and for anyone else who decides to visit this blog site.  And remember:  Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all that we do in recovery… I would encourage you to identify yourself by first name only.



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