Relaxed and rested

I don’t think there are enough hours in a day to accomplish all the things I want to achieve.

My book shelves are full of books – hard cover, soft cover and e-books – that I know I well never read.  There just isn’t enough time in my schedule to read them all.

There are e-courses and seminars in digital format that I have purchased but won’t be able to finish.  I get overwhelmed just thinking about all the things that I want to design but have never focused for very long on any one thing.

Maybe it’s a form of Attention-Deficit-Disorder; I don’t stick at any one thing long enough to complete the study or the design of an idea.  There are just too many ‘bright and shiny objects’ that grab my attention.

And so I spend every waking hour trying to get through a course, read a book, ‘birth’ an idea… or any other activity that has captured my attention.

And, because of the late nights and early mornings, I am never resting long enough to truly relax.  So, I get tired, and stressed.  I lose momentum and purpose.  I get cranky.  Sometimes downright miserable…

So much to do – and precious little time to do it!

My mindfulness exercises have made me realize that the most important things are “letting go” and “letting God.”  In order to attain anything, I must ‘let go’ – stop trying to make it happen – and simply trust that God will bring order to my life as I take inspired action.

Letting go and letting God means I take time for rest and relaxation.  It means I take time to pray and meditate, and practice mindfulness.

And it means I remember to get my rest.  Without proper rest I simply wear out, and miss a lot of what is going on around me.  Mindfulness isn’t possible without proper rest and relaxation.

There are never going to be enough hours in my day.  So, I have purposed in my mind to get the ‘R & R’ I need in order to stay focused, inspired and remain fully recovered.