“Resentment is like swallowing poison, and hoping the other person dies.”

Have you ever swallowed something bad – even poisonous – without knowing it? 

 I have.  As a kid I ate all kinds of things that made me sick for days.  And as an adult I’ve had food poisoning from eating certain foods – like seafood… mussels, to be exact!

 There’s a kind of poison that we all swallow from time to time.  We swallow this poison willingly – no one is making us do it.  That’s because:  We don’t know that it’s poison.

 There are a lot of things we do to ourselves that are not good for us; but we do them without knowing what we are doing.  We simply want to do them!  And we can’t help but do them.

 This poison we swallow comes to us in the form of small-minded, critical, negative beliefs.  It’s this set of negative beliefs that offer up to us a smorgasbord of emotional problems and feelings that limit us, and separate us from those we love.

 That’s why we must “let go and let God” every day. 

 Your Higher Power is asking that you surrender your will and your life.  Which can be frightening.  The feeling of vulnerability and helplessness can creep in when you least expect it. 

 But true surrender is a good thing and, when embraced, feels like the world has been lifted off your shoulders.  So, what is surrender?

 Surrender is learning to enjoy and use what you have without being owned by it.  It’s discovering new levels of caring with the people you love. 

 When you surrender, your mind opens up to receive an incredible wisdom that is beyond understanding or description.  All your desires are satisfied; and a oneness with others will emerge.

 Surrendering does not mean losing yourself; on the contrary, you are gaining your self and becoming who you truly are!

 If you have truly surrendered to God, you will no longer need to swallow the poison of resentment ever again.