Rest and relaxation

As a full-blown addict constantly acting out, I could never relax, never take a break.  My compulsion to act out, and to ‘use’ required that I constantly plan to use, act out, feel shameful, experience another emotional trigger and start the process all over again.

I’m talking about the cycle of shame – the endless loop of acting out, gaining some ‘relief’ and then using again when shame takes over and we are compelled to use again.  Truly, there is no rest for the wicked:  Triggers; plans to use; acting out; feeling of shame and suffering; more triggers… and so on.

But it is the grace of God that calls us to rest and relaxation; spiritual rest.  I don’t know if you are familiar with the Creation account, but I’d like to use it as an illustration.  Just like God – as recorded in Genesis – rested after Creation was complete, we are called to this same rest.  What do I mean? 

It’s simple: God created that which we see all around us, said it was good, and ‘rested’ from His/Her work.  Why? Because He/She was tired?  I hardly think so!  God rested because it was complete; he ended his work because it was perfect.  That which is perfect doesn’t require any more tweaking to make it ‘more perfect.’  And so God rested.

Therefore, we are called to rest in God, in His/Her completion and perfection.  God acted, saw that it was good and rested.  The full-blown addict can’t do that.  The addict is acting out but not creating anything perfect or complete.  There is no rest for the individual who is obsessing about pain, and trying to cope by using things that are, at best, a poor substitute.

Rest and relaxation come to the person who has the faith to believe that their Higher Power is good and ”able to restore us to sanity.” 

The person in recovery is granted serenity, a quiet spirit, a quiet mind and a peaceful demeanor.  There is no need to rush; there is no need to panic.  This world is perfect and complete just as it is.  The recovering addict must come to the place where faith allows the eyes of the heart to open to this fact.  Is this not part of the spiritual awakening?

There is rest for the ‘wicked’ on the Sacred Path to recovery.