“Sit down or take it outside”

I attend regular meetings.  At my fellowship, many of us are good friends, and we like to chat… a lot.  So, starting a meeting on time can be a challenge sometimes.

Occasionally, you’ll hear the chairperson say, “Sit down, or take it outside.”

This is just a way of saying, “It’s time to get started!”  Some of us aren’t always aware of the time, and impose on the time of the entire group.  We need someone to keep us on track.

It’s the same thing working with a sponsor.  Your sponsor wants you to start your program right away, and stay connected.  This isn’t because your sponsor has an inflated ego (let’s hope not); your sponsor wants you to stay on track.

It’s important that you ‘hire’ a good sponsor – someone who demands rigorous effort while working through the steps.  This is a life-changing program, and demands your complete devotion and respect.

Don’t ever think that the reason you are doing 12 step work is for your spouse, or your partner, or your sponsor.  You are working the program for you.  Your sponsor is your coach, your mentor, perhaps even your spiritual advisor – helping you find your way along a path that is new and unfamiliar.

Don’t go hiring a sponsor unless you’re ready to listen to him/her, and do what is suggested.  If you refuse to follow simple instructions, you’re just wasting your time and theirs.  The next time you think you know better, remember this…

“Sit down, or take it outside.”