Spiritual perspiration

I’ve taken up jogging lately.

My aging body disagrees with all of it.  So do I, quite frankly.  But I’ve decided to do it because I know that it’s necessary for me to lose weight and remain healthy.

Of course, I’m taking it slow for now.  At my age, a guy could get injured!  No one said it has to be torturous – I’m happy just to be moving… one step at a time.

But how did I reach this decision?  I got started by:

  1. Noticing how tired I am all the time
  2. Listening to my doctor’s advice
  3. Deciding on a course of action
  4. Taking my first step now – not later!
  5. Keeping it simple
  6. Getting help from another person

Every morning I awaken at 6am, jump into my running gear and head on out the door.  This requires commitment and perseverance.

I don’t always want to get up early and go jogging.  When I first awaken, it’s sometimes difficult to remember why I’m doing this painful exercise.  But I do it anyway because I made a decision to do so.  I am committed to the effort – the perspiration.

Just like my jogging commitment, I also made a commitment to recovery.  I don’t always feel like it, but I am committed to the steps; and I make the effort.

It takes spiritual effort to remain in recovery.  There is an “everydayness” to recovery that requires our personal commitment and perseverance.  It’s the “doing” side of recovery work – the action steps that need to be executed everyday – that involves my spiritual perspiration.