Tell yourself the truth

Do you talk to yourself?

Of course, you do!  We all do it – at a rate of about 1200 words per minute.

I work with a couple of people who talk to themselves out loud all day long.  Sometimes I catch myself talking (to myself) out loud – talking to someone in my head about an unresolved issue, or wondering why I said what I said to someone at work.

Much of what we ‘say’ to ourselves comes in the form of pictures and movies that we play over and over in our minds.  Not all of it is good.  We give ourselves a lot of negative messages.

As addicts we can really beat ourselves up sometimes:  Self loathing, self doubt, and regrets.  And these messages that we tell ourselves are all lies.

We are worth much more than we know.  But we believe the horrible things we tell ourselves are all true.  Sometimes we put our shame and self loathing on others.  We carry anger and resentment around with us in an effort to avoid facing our own low self worth.

It’s time we started to tell ourselves the truth.