“Tend to the garden of your heart”

Long before I had a successful garden growing in my back yard, I created a substantial bed of earth for my future garden.  Several loads of triple mix were delivered to my house which I quickly moved (with the help of a wheelbarrow)  to the location of my proposed garden.  I was quite proud of the large bed of rich soil which I had shaped into something that was visually pleasing.

Before I planted anything, I found myself pulling weeds constantly.  I hadn’t planted anything, and yet I was working my tail off trying to keep the weeds at bay.  So I approached a friend of mine who is a talented and experienced gardener and asked her for some advice.

“Heather, can you give me some advice on how to keep the weeds from taking over my garden?”  When she asked me about the kinds of plants I’d planted, I answered honestly.

“Nothing, yet.”

“Well, then, the answer is obvious,” she responded.  “You need to plant something!  the best way to push back the weeds is to fill up the soil with beautiful plants.  The more annuals and perennials you plant, the fewer weeds will be able to grow!”

After we’ve had the weeds removed from the garden of our mind (steps 6 and 7), we must begin planting beautiful flowers and shrubs to keep the weeds from returning.

Making amends to others we have hurt or damaged is one way to begin planting a beautiful and thriving garden.  Our minds will only produce the kind of thoughts that we nurture and protect.  Sowing the seeds of love and respect will bring about the growth of strong, healthy, spiritual foliage inside our souls.

There is much you can do to tend to the garden of your heart.  Making amends is a good start.