Tend to the garden of your heart.

It’s that time of year again.  Yard work is in full swing around the neighborhood.  You can hear the sound of lawnmowers on a Saturday morning, along with the smell of fresh-cut grass. 

My garden has sprung to life, as well.  Some plants bloom early, some later.  But all have begun their annual rebirth after a long winter’s sleep.  I love to watch it happen, to see the plants of many different species each returning to their preordained shape, size and color.

 There are other things that grow in my garden as well.  Unwelcome visitors who wish to take over the space provided for more beautiful growth.  Of course, I’m talking about weeds.  

I could have my doubts about certain perennials – whether they will spring to life.  But when it comes to the weeds, I am certain they will appear quickly and in great numbers! 

 So, most of my time in the garden is tending to the weeds, and other assorted unwelcome guests.  It would be silly to expect my garden to flourish without the usual weeding and clearing of useless debris. 

I do the same when it comes to the garden of my heart.  I may have planted some beautiful foliage there when I first did the 12 Steps; step nine in particular.  Making amends helped me plant some healthy and beautiful growth – to replace all the weeds that I asked to have removed in step seven (“Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings”). 

It is step ten (“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it”) to which I am referring.  This step is a continuation of step four, when we made our first “searching and fearless moral inventory” of ourselves.

 Don’t forget about step ten:  Continue to tend to the garden of your heart!