“The best time to act – in fact, the only time – is now”

I used to struggle with the idea that I must live “in the moment.”

I used to think, “Surely, there must be a mental perspective, or some kind of emotional posturing I could discover that would alter my life forever.”

But all this thinking just left me wondering.  And I got confused trying to sort out such an ‘abstract’ idea.  I believe the difficulty lay in the mistaken notion that ‘living in the moment’ is all very abstract.

But understanding what “in the moment” means, is really not as abstract as I once thought.  In fact, it’s very concrete, and completely practical!

Living ‘in the moment’ is hearing the voice of reason tell me to get to a meeting – and agreeing to do so right away.  Living ‘in the moment’ means calling my sponsor just as soon as I feel tempted to act out – and no later.

Once I make up my mind to do something, or change something, I need to act – immediately.  Living ‘in the moment’ puts an end to procrastination!

For you, it could mean a number of things – letting go of fear, giving up resentment, making a phone call, or saying a prayer – that requires your immediate attention.

Most of the time, you only have this present moment in which to decide, and to act.  The best time – in fact, the only time – to make a real change in your life is in the moment you see the need for it.

He or she who hesitates always gets lost in a hundred reasons why tomorrow is a better day to start.