The Four C’s: Feeling Confident

It has been written:  “Without a vision, the people perish.”

The ability to see ourselves as we really are allows us to experience the power of God – our Higher Power.  Clarity of vision opens the door to possibilities that once seemed beyond our reach.

In other words, clarity about our addiction and what needs to be done – that there is something we can do – fills us with the confidence to face each day courageously.  When we are clear about what can be done, we take each step with confidence.  And with each additional step our confidence increases.

Lose your clarity – your vision – and you will crash and burn.

Your bottom lines will seem impossible to keep without clarity.  It is an open heart and an open mind to Higher Power that makes it possible to even begin the journey.  And it is clarity – singleness of purpose – that keeps you on the path.

Healthy Behaviors

Setting bottom lines is saying ‘no’ to certain activities and addictive behaviors.  But what are you saying ‘yes’ to?

Recovery is built on healthy habits and behaviors.  These healthy behaviors fulfill and nurture us, take the place of addictive behavior, contribute to our spiritual growth and recovery, and bring joy into our lives.

Saying ‘yes’ to healthy habits and behaviors strengthens your resolve to remain sober.  Keeping your bottoms lines doesn’t have to be a negative experience; you can certainly make it more positive by engaging in some healthy behaviors that help you in your recovery.

There are 2 tools that you can use in your recovery that will help you gain clarity and confidence.  Next week we will talk about both these tools, and suggest a short list of healthy behaviors in which you can engage.