The Power of Surrender

I still remember the day when I learned to wind surf. The day was perfect. A warm sun shone brightly in the blue sky as a gentle breeze rippled the surface of the sparkling lake.

Although it seemed to be an impossible task, I’d seen others do it – so I persisted. But no matter how tightly I clutched the sail I was mercilessly blown off the board and into the lake.

Over and over, I got back up only to be blown off my unstable perch. Without a doubt, I spent more time in the water than on the board before I got the ‘hang’ of it.

As I look back, I realize that I was fighting the wind (the force). Of course, I was no match for this formidable ‘foe’ – wrestling with the power of the wind was getting me nowhere.

It wasn’t until I gave up trying to ‘teach’ the wind what I wanted, and learned how to respect this mighty force that I stopped thinking it was my foe and allowed it to become my friend. My ally! When I gave up resisting and surrendered to the wind’s force, I was then able to windsurf successfully – and stay high and dry!

There is a certain order to this Universe in which we live. The power that holds everything together is clearly seen in this divine order of things. As addicts we resist ‘what is’ and live in direct conflict with the order of the Universe. Consequently, we enter into chaos and suffering. But if we align ourselves with this order – if we surrender to the power of the Universe – we will experience this same power in our lives.

As addicts we lived in direct conflict with Higher Power and the order of the Universe. And our lives became more and more chaotic, spinning out of control. When we made the decision to hand over our will to God and let go of the addiction, we began to align ourselves with this power – Higher Power!

Step 11 shows us how to continually seek to live our lives in total surrender to the divine order of things. Knowing the will of God (the order of things) and nurturing our desire to live in accordance with it (surrender to God’s will) brings us power to actually live it.