“The prayer of amends must be a way of life, not just a sad cry at the end of failure.” – Anonymous

Most of us are truly sorry for the wreckage we caused by our behavior.  Our disease has touched many people and the scars sometimes run deep.  It would be great if everyone we harmed would accept our apology, but this probably won’t happen.  It doesn’t matter.  We still need to tell them we feel bad about their pain.

It’s true that we offer amends in the hope of healing relationships.  But it is even truer that our recovery depends on our willingness to offer amends.  Some things can’t be set right with an “I’m sorry.”  We have to show by actions as well as words that we honestly want to make amends where possible.

As long as I pursue my recovery one day at a  time, I will have time enough to demonstrate in action that I am sorry for the pain I caused.